short film


This short film tells how important to create something and
make the world more beautiful around us

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There are 5 scenes in the short film:

The first scene shows us a woman, full of strength to create. She is a writer.

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Scene two - a young guy playing piano music by the sea, which we hear in a short film.

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In the third scene, we see a photographer shooting a teenage girl surrounded by trees.

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Fourth scene - a girl on a cliff at a small table sculpts from plasticine.

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And the fifth scene tells us how important it is for families to appreciate what you do. By the river bank a woman paints a picture of her happiness.


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Futages from the drone shot at 30 fps (slow motion). There are transitions: match cut and invesible cut through objects from scene to scene.
Futages shot on canon 60D in raw format (24 frames/sec , Magic Lantern).


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in DaVinci Resolve - Fusion, the sky has been replaced in some frames.

creation vfx-drone

unnecessary garbage was removed in the frame.

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At the end of the first scene added 3D text with particles to give a magical creation effect.

creation vfx-art

In the last scene, the effects of Open FX were applied: pencil sketch, abstraction, tilt shift blur, light rays, alpha matte shrink and glow to transform the video from Drone footage. Then the tracking of the painting on canvas was made.


creation color-image creation lidia-ivanovna

Summer time was selected for shooting scenes.
As for the color it was conceived to unite the characters through the yellow color in clothing to emphasize the person wearing creativity. And also to create a picture of light and magical.
The local granding from yellow grass to green was made in the pressurised footage. added masks for local exposure because there was low light on the shoot. 

Sound FX

Edit sounds FX from nature to make the picture more animated and truthful.



Director          Sbarciog Eugen
Composer      Sbarciog Eugen
Editor             Sbarciog Eugen

                       Царенко Наталия
                       Мунтян Влада
                       Брошован Дарья
                       Сбырчог Евгений
                       Бесчасная Марьяна
                       Бесчасный Александр
                       Бесчасная Зара
                       Татаринова Лидия Ивановна



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