The music video tells about the relationship of a couple in love in the whirlpool of prejudices of people.

The message was that it was important to get rid of all prejudices and opinions of others: breathe the freedom.


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2 locations :
1. Sea beach. Sunrise.
2. Windmills


breath love-girl10

All footage of canon 60D camera in raw format (magic lantern)
and drone footage DJI Mavic air 

it was fun to shoot in the water because you had to find an underwater case for the camera.


breath love-vfx

invisible cut across clouds to get to the last scene

breath love-girl7

The music video  contains visual cloud effects to emphasize soaring freedom

breath love-vfx2

When the character gained her freedom it was conceived to push the boundaries of the frame with an aspect ratio on the mount to 16:9.


breath love-girl5 breath love-girl
breath love-girl2 breath love-girl3

the color interpretation of raw video footage Magic Latern was made 

Sound FX

Edit sounds FX from nature to make the picture more animated and truthful.



    Director          Sbarciog Eugen
    Arranger        Sbarciog Eugen
    Editor             Sbarciog Eugen




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